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Let’s Play the Loop Game Again, Shall We?

September 3, 2012

Join the political “Loop Liberation Movement”!

By: Gary Hardee
July 24, 2012

It is an irrefutable fact that Jimmy Carter filled his administration with members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission (CFR/TC).  It is they who are responsible for the failings of administrations in which they dominated.  Not understanding this group’s immense influence within administration after administration keeps you right where they want you; ignorant, programmed and obedient.

These organizations and their affiliated front groups are overwhelmingly internationalist in their mindset. They view our US Constitution as the greatest hurdle toward global governance, which they openly tout!

They are decidedly opposed to any of the aims of Presidential candidate Ron Paul. This is the entire reason the Establishment Insiders and their member/surrogates in the media beat him up, black him out and otherwise bash his ideas and proposals even while he, and almost he alone, has been accurate in his future predictions of 9/11 and the bursting of the housing bubble, among others, years ahead of their happening.  Do any Ron Paul detractors, who claim to be “conservatives”, disagree with my assessment of Jimmy Carter and his administration?

However, just as Jimmy complained about the “insiders” while campaigning: “The insiders have had their chance and have not delivered. We need new faces and new ideas.”, so too did Reagan! Wasn’t the outcome of electing Jimmy Carter just more of the same or worse? More CFR/TC members, more domestic regulations, more international sellout, giving away our Panama Canal, communists allowed to ravage central America and I could go on and on. With their members holding the highest positions within Carter’s Cabinet and throughout his administration, should we not hold them accountable or to blame for the outcomes? Did the “insiders” become outsiders or was it all a lie to deceive a gullible public?

Reagan, prior to the New Hampshire primary, condemned the TC by name and took New Hampshire by storm, 50% to Bush’s 23%. George H. W. Bush, was required to resign his CFR Directorship while running against Reagan or while “in public service”.  Bush was the Director of the CFR from 1977-1979 when he resigned.

As just one example of his super-internationalist views; the following is taken from this page:
“A pivotal point came with Bush’s September 11, 1990 “Toward a New World Order” speech to a joint session of Congress. This time it was Bush, not Gorbachev, whose idealism was compared to Woodrow Wilson, and to Franklin D. Roosevelt at the creation of the UN.” Please note the date! 9/11/1990! Oddly, 11 years to the day prior to the 9/11/2001 WTC attacks. Now, that could be a coincidence I’ll admit, but it is very strange.

You see, many still yet do not understand or acknowledge who we are fighting against. You are the victim of what in the computing world is called a “repeating loop”, normally requiring “debugging” or correcting.  Every command line inside the loop is performed until it reaches a command to return to the first line and repeats itself over and over.  The interesting thing is that the output of the loop is different each time but only within a range of acceptable values set by the programmers within that loop. Just before the loop repeats, the names of the known “X”s and “Y”s are changed to “A”s and “B”s but the formulas and their outputs are the same.  Many being none-the-wiser are all too content to think that this loop is a wonderful example of our democratic two-party system in action. If so, you have become a captive of the loop!

Activists and supporters of the “liberty movement” are largely familiar with the “loop game” and are attempting to expose and change the command lines of the loop and break the loop all-together in time.  I have dubbed this effort the “Loop Liberation Movement”(LLM).

Education is the only thing that will expose the “loop game” and how the masses are trapped in it. To understand the current command lines and how the loop game is played, you must watch this video. When you have carefully watched it, please return with your comments. But until then, I must hold onto my hope that humans can still muster the character and willingness to learn things that they currently do not know or that they insist on denying at their own peril.

For this presentation in written form, click here: The Insiders!


My Letter To The Missouri GOP on St. Charles County

March 23, 2012

Missouri Republican Party
105 E. High St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

To the Officers of the Missouri GOP:

As a 35 year active Republican I am today ashamed of the way my party is being run from behind the scenes in your state – St. Charles County in particular. I hope you are too!

The recent events in St. Charles County, and other places too numerous to mention but which are all over the internet, are bringing disgrace to our party on a national scale. I cannot imagine this is what you want. It is NOT what I want!

Any traditional Republican (one that believes in what the Party Platform says, our long-held positions of less government and more individual freedom and our support of the US Constitution) can see that we are not practicing what we preach. This will come back to bite us in more ways than you can count.

Actions have consequences. Failure to fix a clear problem makes you complicit in the continuation of the problem.

Mind you, this problem will not go away until you act to fix it and institute fair and disciplined reforms that conform to the requirement that all meetings be run democratically; be they caucus conventions or regular county conventions and above.

Yes, we have rules. But those rules are established through long, arduous and structured processes that must be adhered to at all levels or we will lose all respect of our members and those who would like to be a part of an honorable process. We already suffer from outside forces that have chipped away at our numbers and reduced the number of enthusiastic members we have. By the many self-inflicted wounds we seem to be bringing on ourselves, we do ourselves no favors in the eyes of those we hope to encourage to be a part of the process.

Change is inevitable. It must occur. Or it will be forced upon us in ways that may spell the demise of our party.

Need I remind you all that every political party is required to be run on democratic principles wherein all decisions are made at the will of the majority of the legitimately credentialed to cast votes. To spit in the faces of those who come in, regardless of the numbers, or even perhaps the temporary nature of some new people who do wish to support the party, will only blacken the party in the eyes of the public.

The failure of our meetings to be run by Roberts Rules of order in a proper and open structure that allows for debate and even dissention will rot public confidence in candidates wearing our label due to the draconian manner in which our most sacred events are conducted.

Unfair practices are not unknown to those inside of the party operations and such practices have existed and have continued for decades with no correction. We are living on borrowed time and fueling the rise of third parties by our failure to clean up our act.

Failure to clean up our act and rid ourselves of those who play power politics will only postpone the salvation of our republic and a return to this nation’s core principles, purchased with the large sacrifices of those we claim to respect and acclaim!!!

I am among those who have seen these power games played out in several states so you are not alone in your guilt but you can become a state that is known to have cleaned house and restored respect among other state party operations but only if you act today! I truly hope you will!

The events in St. Charles could have been handled much differently but it was clearly not the intention of the leadership that it be handled any differently. The leadership could have simply asked for quiet to address the crowd, acknowledged the desire of the majority to allow video taped documentation and explain when, how and why the rule barring taping was established, then offer an olive branch by saying if they abide by the rule temporarily and allow the opening of the convention normally that the chair will move a change in the order of business to allow for a motion on the ban to be removed and if adopted the cameras will be allowed and if defeated it would need to be adhered to. This would have restored the lost respect of the chair and county officers as being fair and run democratically. An accredited parliamentarian should always be used to insure that Roberts Rules are adhered to. Special instructions of impartiality, fairness and deliberative time should be their instructions to keep feathers from being unnecessarily rubbed the wrong way. When we don’t, we loose what good will and support we could engender.

What I am telling each of you is common sense. This letter should never have been necessary to even write, but apparently it is required!

It is unarguable that our country is in great trouble. Since the internet revolution began some 7 to 10 years ago and has rapidly advanced with social networking, email communications, cell phone multi-media development worldwide and a host of online video posting sites, we have seen a breaking of the stronghold of the old “Big Three” network from the 70’s and an unraveling of their dominance over what goes into the minds and hearts of our people. Today, we often hear references to the Lamestream Media and even “conservative” networks are being found to be but a batch of entertainers for the brain-dead among us. This is a good thing by all accounts and by all measures. Yes, it causes the status quo to be challenged but doesn’t it need to be?

Have we not seen that simplistic appeals to “change” are often enough to win elections? But the promised change seldom results! Are you not blind and see that the people are figuring it out? Are we to sit, stubbornly in that “ivory tower”, defiantly resisting the obvious restlessness of the “natives”?

Do we naively think that this rising tide of informed citizens will abate, thus insuring our tenuous hold on our offices without change? Will the leadership of our party side with this increasing voter block and continue playing footsie with the old establishment? Or will we recognize that in just another 4 short years there will be millions more informed that will seek a political home and a slate of candidates they can support?

Are we blind or just resistant to ridding ourselves of the corruption within our government? What about our own party? A homeowner may try to fight the rising tide but he will lose in the end! I do not want us to lose in the end! We can lead our party and our nation again by routing our own corruption today!

Keep in mind that it is not a change for more government that is this rising tide but less! Isn’t that what we believe? Will we put teeth behind the words that we have espoused for many decades? Are we not thought of as a paper tiger? The citizens are figuring this out and are coming in to fix the problem!

We do not even discipline our own elected Republicans that violate their oaths of office! We do not seek to enforce our Platform to any noticeable degree whatsoever! We have become their servants rather than they, ours. The world is upside down and the tide seeks to correct it. Will you fight it or embrace it?

The ball is now in your court and I ask you to do the right thing by the members of our party.

Each of you receiving this letter should also know that I will be posting this letter as a blog and spread it everywhere humanly possible. This is a wake up call!

I will be encouraging others to write their own to you all and I’m granting permission to use any of my text in their letters as well. I hope they will be as kind and generous toward you as I, but think many won’t be, for justifiable reasons. Just as there are always many irate voters who do not write their representatives; do not think that only a few letters means there is a small problem. I trust you will deal with it immediately for the stake of the party!

Respectfully submitted,

Gary F. Hardee
Lifetime GOP member

P.S. List of persons receiving this letter:
Missouri Republican Party
Lance Beshore – National Committeeman
Ann Dickinson – National Committeewoman
State Committee Officers
David Cole – Chairman
Susie Eckelkamp – Vice Chairman
Pat Thomas – Secretary
Richard C. Peerson – Treasurer
Lloyd Smith – Executive Director
Emily Kliethermes, CPA – Comptroller
Jonathon Prouty – Communications Director
Sheldon Slade – Information Technology
Alyssa Bruemmer – Executive Assistant
Justin Alferman – Research
Missouri Republican Party
105 E. High St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-636-3146
Fax: 573-636-3273

State Committee Officers
Richard C. Peerson – Treasurer
P.O. Box1627
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Lance Beshore
National Committeeman
P.O. Box757
Carthage, MO 64801

Ann Dickinson
National Committeewoman
P.O. Box 26158
Kansas City, MO 64196

Lloyd Smith
Executive Director

Emily Kliethermes, CPA

Jonathon Prouty
Communications Director

Sheldon Slade
Information Technology

Alyssa Bruemmer
Executive Assistant

Justin Alferman

Please, No More Collectivists!

March 20, 2012

Obama is a collectivist of one variety and rhetoric; Romney is another variety – the same with different rhetoric but essentially a big government Republican; Newt is another collectivist variety and his record and words lately easily prove that; Santorum has voted to raise the debt on your children 5 times yet touts family – again, he too is a collectivist with his one rhetorical set.

But Ron Paul is a different animal all-together! The man is a humble statesman that has no lust for power personally or to “collect” power into government’s “hands”. He has done the only thing an elected official has personal power over and that’s to say “yea” or “nay” on legislation, when he convinced it contains unconstitutional provisions, and clearing that hurdle, if the legislation is good for the “general welfare” of the entire nation. Ron Paul is a man of consistent integrity, seeks and speaks the truth as he knows it to be, acts on those understandings apart from outside “lobbyist” influences, has always spent less  than he has been allocated by Congress to run his office and return every surplus. He has also never voted for a pay increase for Congressional salaries and has NEVER voted to raise the debt ceiling or for passing an unbalanced budget. And FOX and other MSM outlets label him more liberal than Obama? Are you joking? The label “conservative” is given to Santorum? His record is like Obama’s far more than Dr. Paul’s! The list is so incredibly long, all of you would be pissed if I listed them. My friends, we are being lied to every day, long and hard about the facts!

Ron Paul is the man in this race that MUST BE STOPPED by the “Demopublican” Insider-controlled establishment collectivists but they are having a hard time making anything really stick. This is because the people who really look at what I am saying here about Dr. Paul will realize how they are being duped once again into this loosing choice between “Collectivist Candidate “A” and “Collectivist Candidate “B”.

Only time and propaganda jammed down the people’s throats will tell the outcome. If you do not take a stand against the status-quo “collectivist” candidates right now, this year, IN YOUR STATE’S PRIMARY we will continue to be “managed” by Washington and New York. We will still experience a continued loss of our “God-given/Nature-given/At Birth-given” rights to again “own our lives” as free and independent souls and agents.

You must side with liberty, or you will lose it! You must side with protecting private property rights or you will lose your property! You must assume the risks of decisions fully or you will lose your right to make them!

You cannot expect to be a free person yet demand government provided “cradle to grave” security or you will end up forced to work for others as the government fulfills this expectation.

Those who learn nothing from history are doomed to repeat it! Ignorant and free can never be! The essence of liberty is the limitation of government! Government cannot give us anything that it does not first take from someone through force! Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master! Less government, more individual responsibility and with God’s grace… a better world.

Please, please…. for the sake of humanity, your family, all our futures and all that is good, decent and honorable, read this book – The Law, by Frederic Bastiat and work for the election of Ron Paul as President!

Occupy Demands… Reflection!

February 10, 2012

By: Gary Hardee
Date: 2/10/2012

While there is much to awaken to  within the entangling web of the GSO enterprises, the best cure is complete transparency into the records. The information will reveal the likely corruption which on the surface seems to be motivating at lease a certain segment of the protests known as the “Occupy – whatever” movement.

History has given us ample evidence to be suspicious of such “spontaneous” protests. Many have proven to have been an orchestrated ploy known as “pressure from above and pressure from below”. Other astute meisters of revolutionary parliamentarianism know it as the Pincer Strategy. The goal of this strategy is to give its backers power that they could not otherwise get.  The desired result is usually some form of new or revised law that ostensibly solves the “crisis”. A crisis usually brought on by the very backers of the protesters or movement. Few have the time or inclination to expose the players in the scheme. Ninety percent of such “spontaneous” activities are not that at all! This pattern can be easily confirmed by looking at the results of earlier orchestrations. Collectivism and the growth of power into the hands of government are the usual results, as I said, ninety percent of the time.

The Occupy demands are all over the board! It is the proverbial glass of fresh milk that has been unsuspectingly poisoned with arsenic. Much of it tastes good but the bad part will kill you.

Most of these demands simply build more laws, more rules, more controls, more costs to the taxpayers, more burdens to pay for their enforcement and thus more collectivism. Any person who – in an almost knee-jerk fashion – calls for another law, agency, commission, study, program, entitlement, subsidy or even a tax break are witting or unwitting participants in the growth of collectivism. Pass another law and government grows. Repeal a law and government shrinks. It’s that simple. But I digress…

“Occupy” seems justly concerned over greed and the over-the-top intimacy between lawmakers and influential non-governmental entities – usually big corporations, decrying the intimate game of back-scratching referred to as “corporatism”.  However, no one should confuse “corporatism” with “capitalism”. They are opposites!

The endgame of corporatism on this scale has no objection to achieving Monopoly Capitalism, the cornering of markets by limiting competition. It is a division of collectivism and is used by certain businesses for the benefit of certain businesses and to the detriment of those that are not part of the game.

Real capitalism on the other hand does not have politicians using force to take money from one person and give it to another. Nor does it seek protection from competition in the market place. It is a free exchange, free choice system governed only by the unfettered choices between one who has something that another that might like to buy.

Is it a perfect system, devoid of inherent shortcomings? Of course not, but it beats tyranny hands down every time! With collectivism comes inevitably corporatism just as the so-called War on Poverty of the ’60s has seen its ranks swell way beyond its purported purpose and goal. These are the inevitable outgrowths of collectivism not capitalism!

But it is the private sector that pays the final bill while competing with those on the other end who spend it.

The Supreme Court made a rightly reasoned ruling some time ago that said essentially, “What the government subsidizes, it has a right to control.” In other words, once our money gets in their hands and they decide to “give it out”, strings will understandably come along with it. So, when we subsidize our government with our money, shouldn’t our strings also be attached? Perhaps we should expect, no demand, transparency and openness? Should we the people ever allow our government to go into closed-door “Executive Session”?

It is we, who pay the price of government through our taxes. It is we that fund government operations and it is  we who control their livelihood, not the other way around. Without our money there can be no corruption in government!

George Washington warned us long ago with these invaluable words: “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. And like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master!”

Just Principles and the Discussion of Issues

December 14, 2011

By Gary Hardee

It is impossible to argue that government has not grown larger and more comprehensive in its cost and control over people and businesses. Anyone who has even a modicum of historical knowledge must at least admit that. Debates can be had all day long about why, its purported justifications and whether this growth contributes to the general welfare of its citizens.

News and commentary abound on this subject and with the advent of the internet, the “global human community” with its disparate knowledge serves as the greatest opportunity for mankind to share and converse on the pros and cons of the smallest minutia of government action or inaction, policies or laws.

While emotional, logical and even ugly at times, it should not stop one from participation in these discussions. Failure to participate and learn along the way leaves the outcome to others, as popular opinions on issues are worked out on this grand internet stage.

History has clearly shown also that a majority of humans do not participate in this exercise, but that may be changing as we begin to examine more openly  the connections between our challenges to live in peace and prosper as free human beings on this awesome planet and the always shifting and increasing government controls and costs.

As with any discussion over command and control of our lives and society, some fundamental agreements must be arrived at and serve as the guiding foundation. Failure to agree on the most basic of human principles also ends any possible further agreements wherein we seek to improve the general welfare of all.

With that in mind, the first principle we should agree on is: “You don’t own any part of me and I don’t own any part of you”.

The second principle we should agree on is: “I cannot force my will on you and you cannot force your will on me”.

The third principle we should agree on is: “Each individual is free to make their own choices in life, with or without the advice or permission of any other”.

The fourth principle we should agree on is: “Each individual is free to use their time in any manner they wish to achieve or live according to their own goals and standards”.

The fifth principle we should agree on is: “No human being has the power to compel another through force to be deprived of their time, labor, production, or any other real or imagined skill or byproduct thereof, that was obtained of free will during honest and ethical agreements, contracts, or commerce.”

The last one for now we should agree on is: “These principles will henceforth be referred to as “Just Principles” as they acknowledge the inherent freedoms each human has for their general welfare and therefore society as a whole and that any “laws” or governmental systems that may be considered for implementation must not violate in whole or in part any of these Just Principles and any such additional agreements should have as their direct object the protection, expansion and enhancement of these just principles without compromise.

While you might think of some others on your own, the main point is that we can now begin to look at the larger issues that are debated or that plague our world and the various societies and cultures that have been organized or practiced. This would necessarily include religious doctrine, philosophy, political systems, economics, education, reproduction, health and medical services, drugs, drug usage, the drug industry, corporatism, government-private partnerships and their operations and efficacy and any other issue wherein a person’s Just Principles are involved.

I look forward to a healthy and adult conversation on this subject and welcome your comments and suggestions below.

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