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ABC News Hopes You Won’t Notice!

November 12, 2018

Is ABC’s Matthew Dowd A Trusted “Swamp” creature?

By: Gary Hardee
Published: November 12, 2018

ABC News Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd alleges Clarence Thomas is a ‘Sexual Predator’.

In very predictable style of the CFR controlled MSM, ABC news attempts to put a “smiley face” on repeated law breakers in Broward County Florida by inviting another apologist to downplay and gloss over massive and impermissible handling of the ballots of WE the PEOPLE!

His competence as a political strategist was heavily criticized after he woefully predicted that HiLlary Clinton would win the 2016 US presidential elections by a greater margin than Obama did in 2012.

He was the chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney[Cheney, CFR member] 2004 presidential campaign.  Having been a supporter of both the far right and far left, Matthew Dowd now considers himself as an “Independent”.  Matthew Dowd is NOT objective at all having voted for Barack Obama – but since you have Democrats & CFR globalists running and working for ABC, perhaps he’s a natural fit!

As a “political consultant” for over 30 years, one noted big client included Arnold Schwarzenegger, serving as Arnold’s political strategist. Dowd was doing Arnold’s wife, Maria Shriver, double dipping, while ostensibly “serving” Arnold. And HE has the gall to accuse Justice Thomas of being a sexual predator?  Now at 57, with 2 divorces and 5 children and Maria Shriver at 63 as his girlfriend, he has some nerve attacking both Justice Clarence Thomas and Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

ABC! You should be ASHAMED of yourselves!


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Democrat Party “Executioner” Murders Many Innocents, Again!

November 10, 2018

Democrat Party: Helping Murderers Succeed

By: Gary Hardee
Published: November 10, 2018

There was not a single person in attendance at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California that was allowed to legally possess even a concealed carry pistol when the unexpected killer began shooting our fellow citizens.  Even the gunman violated the law by entering a “Gun Free Zone” with his gun.

Just as with every other mass shooting event since local, state and federal gun “control” (read: infringement) laws have been passed, the “law abiding” innocent citizens end up dead!  And rather than placing the blame where it should be, on those who voted for the infringing laws, we are always treated to more and more calls for ever increasing infringements that have done nothing and will do nothing in stopping criminals bent on violence and murder from succeeding with their deranged missions.

“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

I can think of no better way to add to the kill count than to use the force of government to disarm any group of people and then advertise to the killers that the government is guaranteeing your success by disarming them in advance!  Can you?

I have far too much love of life than to force people into a position of extreme weakness and then tell a lunatic they are ready to be murdered at the killer’s discretion!  This is exactly what the Democrat Party is championing, has been championing and will continue to champion even while the “setup” for another mass killing is preserved and actually enhanced should they pass even more restrictive laws against self-protection.

What the Democrats have planned for your future is a Police State.  That is the endgame.  It cannot be accomplished in our republic overnight.  It is instinctive in each and every one of us to want to live.  To NOT have our lives end prematurely or unnaturally via any event or mishap that life may deal us.  Accidents do happen. We all know that a long natural and healthy life is not insured to any one of us.  But it is unconscionable that one person has the power to endanger another’s life by forcibly putting them into a defenseless position, that all but guarantees his death.

On behalf of not only the “disarmed twelve”, but the other terrorized and trapped attendees as well, I argue that had the Democrat Party stood with them and honored their inalienable rights to self-defense, the gunman would have likely been killed or disarmed long before twelve innocent and youthful fellow citizens were laid waste to.  I cry out on behalf of all of them!

A person without a gun, a home without a gun and a business without a gun, when known by a criminal, need only obtain a superior weapon to succeed at exercising his will upon his target.  Not only is the logic irrefutable but the countless criminal events we all know about proves it beyond doubt.

Unless you can run faster than the bullet, you are left with only a few options.  Use the gun you are carrying to kill your assailant. Overpower the assailant with brute force or an improvised weapon at a moment of their weakness and vulnerability; a much lower probability of success.  Hide in a bullet proof, and access proof, place until superior forces arrive or the threat leaves.  If you can think of any others, leave your option in the comment section below.

But one reality must never be forgotten!  Those politicians who would use the “force of law” to disarm you are your enemies, not your friends!  They must be held accountable for making you vulnerable and there’s only one political party that has made it their mission to get you killed – and that’s the Democrat Party here in the United States of America.

Words cannot express my extreme sorrow for yet another needless and horrific mass murder.  The needless and senseless high death toll that could have been limited had only one citizen been able to return fire even if he missed!  You NEVER KNOW what the actions of the shooter will be if they feel that someone else has the drop on them and that there may even be others with a weapon aiming at his head.  A shooter, not committed to dying, would likely run or seek cover which would give others time to escape and still others time to draw their weapons and surround the assailant and take them out with minimal loss of life.  All of this WOULD HAVE OCCURRED before the police could have possibly arrived.  The police will never be there in time to save you!  Only your armed fellow citizens stand a chance to mount any useful defense at a time like that.

There is one other person that WILL NEVER be there to protect you… the legislator that disarmed you!

News from Nicaragua – Political Prisoner Trials

August 17, 2018

Trials of political prisoners continue behind closed doors

All independent media and human rights groups banned from court proceedings

The initial hearing of the trial of Medardo Mairena, Pedro Mena and Silvio Pineda, leaders of the Campesino Movement and accused of the murder of four police officers in Morrito, Río San Juan (among other crimes), took place amid the rejection of hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans who marched in different cities to protest the illegal arrests and prosecutions against opponents of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

The Sixth Criminal District judge, Henry Morales Olivares, did not allow the independent media to enter the hearing, nor did he authorize the entry of national human rights organizations. However, it did allow the official media to make videos, photographs, and how much resource material they wanted.  Morales Olivares also did not endorse the presence of the members of the Special Monitoring Mechanism for Nicaragua (Meseni) of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) and the team of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OACNUDH), who like on August 14, at the trial of Brandon Lovo and Glen Slate (accused of the murder of journalist Ángel Gahona), they waited without luck for the authorization that allowed their entry.

The judge began the initial hearing by listing the criminal charges against the accused. They were: murder, terrorism, organized crime, simple kidnapping, obstruction of public services to the detriment of Nicaraguan society.  Mairena, Mena and Pineda’s defense lawyer, Julio Montenegro, filed an exception and an incident, and requested legal medical assessment for the detainees, as they received information that the campesino leaders were being tortured in the La Modelo penitentiary system in Managua.

Their trial hearing is scheduled for next October first, confirmed lawyer Montenegro.

Oral and “public” trial of Brandon and Glen begins

On August 14, the oral and “public” trial began against Brandon Lovo and Glen Slate, accused of murdering journalist Ángel Gahona. In the same way that happened in the process of the peasant leaders, access to the IACHR, representatives of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), independent media, and relatives of those named, was denied by the Sixth Criminal District Judge. of Judgment, Ernesto Rodríguez.  “We understood that it is a public hearing and therefore there would be no difficulty to enter,” said Denise Cook, coordinator of the Meseni, on behalf of the IACHR.  “The trial began at ten in the morning, culminating 12 hours later, with only a two-hour break from two in the afternoon. The Public Prosecutor accused both young people of the death of Gahona, despite the fact that witnesses, neighbors and relatives of the victim, insisted that the person responsible was a policeman who was inside the municipal mayor’s office, and not the two boys.

At the preparatory hearing, the Office of the Prosecutor did not request the exclusion of evidence. However, when the defense of the young people asked for exclusion, alleging illegality and impertinence, the judge justified each one, and it seemed that “the judge was one more defender,” according to Amy García, a lawyer for both young people.  Garcia Curtis told CONFIDENCIAL that the process against his defendants is flawed. He explained that although the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office lacked veracity and logic, the judge admitted them without reservation.  The Prosecutor’s Office presented a report in which it detailed that the shot that killed Gahona came out of a spellbinding weapon. In this regard, Garcia Curtis, indicated that according to a ballistics technician, who consulted and did not allow entry to refute this version, a handgun has neither the precision nor the scope to kill a person, and less at a distance of one hundred meters.  “If a patented weapon has a possibility of reaching thirty meters to be lethal, the spell weapon is far away to cause damage,” said the lawyer.  One of the witnesses, Adolfo Morales Vanegas, pointed to Lovo, as one of the young men who was wounded the night of Gahona’s death, and whom an officialist journalist, named María Victoria, blamed for the death of Gahona.  Francisco Bravo, also a witness of the Prosecutor’s Office, and who was the driver of a patrol that night, said that when he transferred one of the officers who was allegedly wounded that night, he also heard how María Victoria “told some boys that, if they had not fired, Gahona would not have died. ”  García Curtis pointed out the manipulation of the Prosecutor’s Office in the presentation of witnesses who clearly “have a script” prepared to point out the accused as the culprits. He explained that Maria Victoriano pointed directly to Lovo, but shouted to many young people who witnessed the event that night.  “She did not accuse him. He told several boys. The witness says he recognizes who she accused and points to the injured. Of course, the injured is my client, someone who has had a media campaign to blame him, “said the lawyer.

The lawyer also denounced the threats she has suffered from people who have called and written by text message, to desist from defending both young people. The last communication was made prior to the start of the oral trial.  It was a direct threat. “Lawyer, may appear and stay in the networks, but not always in life, remember that it is borrowed,” was the message received by the lawyer, who said he will not back down in his struggle to go the full distance to defend Lovo and Slate. The trial of both young people will continue this August 16. The process of presenting witnesses and evidence is in the court of the Office of the Prosecutor. Then it will be the turn of the defense. They do not want to be naked

In the judgment of Gonzalo Carrión, legal director of Cenidh, the fact that the judiciary continues to deny entry to human rights defenders and independent media, reveals that they hide much and fear that in the presence of the media, the accused may be encouraged to take the floor, which is part of their rights, and report any type of abuse or violation of their human rights.

“They only show it to their media. Not because it is a sample of an open public hearing. The visible ill-treatment, as it was possible to see Medardo, could allow any journalist the possibility to ask the defendant and the government does not want to take the risk that the accused says he is subjected to torture”, said Carrión. The legal director of Cenidh, recalled the case of the massacre of July 19, in which one of those sentenced to more than 100 years, pointed out and denounced his torturer. Carrión said that in addition to being able to expose this, independent media, which are not sheep of the regime, could see the farce of the trial, and the inconsistency in the content of an accusation.

“Independent media have information on how the events actually happened. . They could even disrupt the farce and the lie of the processes. That is why the Judiciary has a lot to hide,” Carrión insisted. In conclusion, the legal director of Cenidh, stressed that the Government has used this type of censorship for many years, and that this is the nature of the dictatorship. “All the cases of political prisoners have been devoid of publicity. That is a contradiction in view because the trials are, oral and public, are made in public hearings, and there is no reason to justify the absence of oversight”,  he concluded.

David Hogg’s Collectivist Disinformation Rant!

March 26, 2018

Liberal Ignorance and Myopathy on Display!

By: Gary Hardee

Published: March 26, 2018

Hogg destroys his own argument when he said that he doesn’t want to keep anyone from exercising their Second Amendment rights. How can that be when he doesn’t want to repeal current laws that do “infringe” on it already while at the same time advocate more laws further “infringing” on a person’s right to keep and bear arms?

Just imagine what a field day the communist/collectivist/leftist liberals would have had decades ago when the gun-grabbers first pushed upon us federal laws if the founders and writers of the Bill of Rights had written “rifles” or “flintlocks” or “muskets” or “dry-power arms” instead of just “arms” in the Second Amendment!

Not only has he no grasp or understanding of the purpose(s) of the 2nd Amendment, he actually sides against a person’s essential right to be armed at any and all times.

The successful shooting and murder of the unarmed at MSDHS clearly dramatizes the fact that leftist/communist liberals have been extremely successful in making sitting ducks out of our most vulnerable citizens. Such shooting galleries are specifically created by the very infringements that Hogg claims he is not seeking! Master Hogg! You can’t have it both ways!

Parents! Please, let this be a lesson to you all! Hogg is very symbolic of the product of government school indoctrination supported at home by parents who themselves are products of collectivist indoctrination. Hogg’s parents are radicalized leftist Democrat Party collectivists. They “support” their son’s “leadership” and involvement in this campaign because of his youth and peer associations. Hogg’s “leadership” on “this issue” is deliberately pumped by the establishment/globalist and pro-U.N. agents imbedded not only at the U.N. and prominent globalist think-tanks (tax-exempt of course) but by the hordes of college professors, academicians, the vast majority of government paid teachers and all the equally paid-off or sympathetic media mouthpieces we see on “mainstream media” (MSM).

The victims of this campaign will be expanded to those very participants who “think” they are going to make their lives safer by “passing another set of laws” while only sheepishly admitting that Nikolas Cruz broke many existing laws to do what he succeeded at doing.

The gun-grabbing Insiders intend to convert the United States into just another province of a global oligarchy of morphing tyrannical powers. It is just what the power class does

The Insider power class created the system of “free” government “public” schools and then made it mandatory under penalty of law that you send your offspring to them for their indoctrination and our parents and grandparents didn’t know. They knew nothing about Horace Mann or John Dewey, let alone the likes of James McKeen Cattell, G. Stanley Hall, Charles H. Judd and James Earl Russell.

Many public school teachers today have never even heard of these men or have a clue how they themselves are contributing to our nation’s demise. They are the lab technicians – putting our children in their petri dish full of collectivist fungus – yet they feign shock at the outcomes? Never blaming themselves, they clamor for “more money” for education and vote for candidates who promise more of the private sector’s production to pay for the next cleverly named “program”(you pick it)! They don’t even care how much public debt they place upon their charges (young students) through deficit spending that requires we borrow money the government doesn’t have to still NOT fix the problem! It is absolutely INSANE! (sorry for the caps).

We are in seriously deep doo-doo! Besides voting out every Democrat and leftist on our ballots at every opportunity, we must ourselves file to be on the ballot and make our campaigns an eye-opening educational one! Tell people to turn off the TV and start their own serious education which so readily available on YouTube alone! This war cannot be left to the ego-driven opportunist that wets his finger to see which way the “popular winds” are blowing. WE must change the direction of those winds by becoming much more fully informed!

Yes! Remove your children from public schools. Demand vouchers from your county government for each of your children. YOU can better direct your own children’s education based on your own growing knowledge of our history and the pressing issues we are all facing as a nation. If vouchers are not available, run for the office that can make that happen! You will have substantial support but you must be a good salesman for the cause! Know your subject! The info is out there in spades! Don’t be shy or frightened! The next generation is in OUR hands.


Are You a Victim of the Education Con?

March 23, 2018

How A Truth Based Education Is Truly Liberating

By: Gary Hardee
Published: March 22, 2018

I admit it!  My writing style is one of frankness. None of what I write is directed at the reader or anyone specifically.  It’s more like – “if the shoe fits, wear it.” Please, take my remarks “in general” as if I were addressing an audience of diverse composition.

As always, I thank you for reading.

An early business ownership at the age of nineteen gave me experiential knowledge of the business world – upon which I built a broader understanding of history, economics, philosophy and socio-political world views because of their direct ties to and influence upon life in a capitalist society. When it comes to humans and their interactions with the laws their legislatures pass – that we assume are to serve the common good – one cannot pick but from two positions.

One side is freedom and personal responsibility and the other side is regulation, restrictions, controls and ultimately subservience to the “law”.

If it’s a law, then it must be legal and therefore it is assumed to be moral and ethical. Or so we wish them to be.  We are to believe that all laws are good and we must live within them. We are not to doubt or question their moral authority but bow to the will of the majority.  When we were young we were told by our “elders” that “there’s a law against” this or that and “it’s the law!”  If one professes to be Christian or raised with Christian principles, then it follows that things like The Golden Rule are practiced in our lives voluntarily. The requirement for needless laws doesn’t exist since only peaceful, non-violent and moral actions would be experienced.  What’s that old saying? “If men were angels, we wouldn’t need government or laws?” But the literal millions of laws that man has passed cannot be known by each and likely makes lawbreakers out of many peaceful people.

What’s the other famous saying? “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!’ Weren’t the citizens of Germany warned they would become criminal lawbreakers if they didn’t turn in their guns after a law was passed making possession illegal? What happened? Millions were murdered by their own government! Democide!  Did we learn that lesson of history? It does not seem that we have!  Is that lesson taught in our government schools?  Umm… no.

I have always related to math. But I have found that those who are not good at it most likely failed to grasp the basic principles of fractions and decimal expressions from the outset. One cannot be good at geometry or algebra without a fixed and solid understanding of the basics of math! Right?  You may have struggled through and even forced yourself to learn enough to pass the required tests.  But you don’t relate and don’t really see the need to relate. Right? As an adult in the working world, you can easily lay to rest that portion of math that you no longer find useful in your daily life.  So do other things we deem unimportant to our survival and advancement.  Being free from “schooling” you tend to hold more firmly that which serves best your immediate survival and prosperity. We tend to become more specialized as we trod career paths.  We actually become quite good at what we focus on!

Like the fundamentals of math, our youth are taught the fundamentals of communism but not told upfront that it is what they are being taught.  Their programming compels them to think, act, speak and support communist / collectivist ideas while strongly objecting to being called a communist. They cannot define communism because they have not studied it under that label. If asked, a high-school graduate could not name a single plank that Karl Marx put on paper for them to read themselves. Not one in a thousand college graduates can name two of them! In a pool of such mass ignorance and biased, deliberate instruction, why do citizens wonder what is happening to our country’s freedoms and her Constitution?

Is it any wonder that high-school graduates think the United States is a “democracy” rather than a republic? They have no clue because they have had but one source for their knowledge. Their indoctrination is confirmed by every network MSM channel, nearly every college professor and by the vast majority of likewise ignorant “wet-finger” politician or con artist.

But to get along and to have many friends in our “networks” that could help us at times along the way we are told never to discuss the twin subjects of… religion and politics. Right?  It’s taboo!  Too controversial!  Too divisive!  We have all heard it and none of us can say we haven’t.  But we are told over and over and over again that we must vote, regardless of our knowledge or our own country’s Constitution.  After all, we are very busy with our lives and our careers and we keep to ourselves, even among our friends, our views on politics. But vote we must!  It is our civic obligation! We are told “our democracy” depends on our vote to function. But who would be so shallow as to suggest that a mass of ignorant and divided people can at the same time choose wisely those who will wield the force of government over us in their passing of “laws”?

Is it unreasonable to suggest that one’s civic duty would include a sound understanding of the very Constitution that our elected officials are sworn to support and defend?  Do we simply trust them?  Should we trust them?  Do they deserve to be trusted?  How will we, in our ignorance, know when they break their sworn Oaths?  Who are the wolves?  Are there wolves?  How do you know? Are we willing sheep?

Even though the great majority say they are supportive of the Constitution they still have not read it even once in their lives from beginning to end!  Are we just too busy to do that much in preparation to our voting? Are we scared?  What are we scared of?  Is it thought of as a waste of time?  Or do we “think” we know what’s in it yet we cannot quote any two of the Bill of Rights?  Why should you be thought of as a wise and informed voting citizen if you have not bothered to read it’s all too readily available text online?  Can’t read?  Won’t read?  How about an audio of it?  Would you then listen seriously to it?

When it comes to philosophy and government, people are clearly not on the same “page”.  Too many have been taught, without their awareness, a system of lies and perversions from an early age. After graduation, some escape their instruction as they grow older and learn real-world truths. But it often takes years to have to finally admit that you were deliberately hoodwinked and sold a bill of goods labeled as an “education”. We have been defrauded!

As voting citizens of one country under one national Constitution, why aren’t we more in agreement with the principles of liberty and self-government? Who is teaching us and what are they teaching us? Do we ask? Not enough it seems! We are forced to attend government schools from the age of 6, and nowadays even earlier. The teachers are government employees and most are NEA Union members. They too are forced to teach from government approved courses that they too begin to believe the more they teach from their materials. We are given “tests” that we must pass to prove we grasp what they are teaching. Good grades are naturally pushed by the school and reinforced by our (more so likely) single-parent at home because they themselves allow the “professionals” to “instruct” our children’s young brains with their approved curricula while too many are busy watching the Kardashians.

It seems we have allowed it!  It was the “law” after all.  Now, we are having hell to pay for our willful compliance.

Will our citizens wake, and through regular self-education, revive their dying freedoms in time?

What’s Your Worldview?

March 16, 2018

By: Gary Hardee
Date: March 16, 2018

Humans instinctively lean toward and prefer to be free, not controlled by another, not forced to do anything against their will. They want peace, not: war, violence, destruction and death. Liberty resists the violence and the forcing of one’s will upon another! Liberty insists on you being responsible and accountable for your free-will choices. It is impossible to experience liberty without taking responsibility for your decisions.

Government is organized force. But what force is ethical and moral for it to possess and wield? Only that force that we, individually, have a natural right to exercise in defense of our mutually held inalienable rights and NO other!!!

For a government to exercise legitimate functions, those functions must be rooted in and originate from common natural rights held by ALL. There is NO SUCH THING as group rights or rights of a group! An assembled or associated group of people cannot “acquire” special moral force above what the individual possesses.

The Bill of Rights were technically not necessary to list as they are simply the rights commonly held by all humans. Many argued at the time that to list any rights would be to allow the suppression of those rights not listed in the first 10 Amendments. The Bill of Rights do not limit the free exercise or our common rights but specifically LIMIT the new federal government FROM abusing or meddling in our rights!!!

Human rights never change and have ALWAYS existed. Few governments have recognized them or codified them into their society’s system of government. But the United States did!

As was clearly pointed out in the Declaration of Independence, “…and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” In other words, peaceful mankind too often allow themselves to be abused for a time in hopes that those who abuse will die or stop abusing them without they themselves going to the effort of righting the wrong at the moment of its beginning.

Unfortunately, “these abuses” are made “lawful” by “the group” that has NOT the power to morally abuse!

“Laws” are NOT always moral or ethical. Quite the contrary! The more laws there are, the MORE likely the widespread abuse!

Naturally, when any government enforces a “rule” that does NOT officially exist – it has become a tyrannical, arbitrary, authoritarian government and all inalienable rights are open to abuse or perhaps unrecognised altogether.

Today, we live in a country that has been suffering under a system of abuse so broad and deep that we wonder if they can be “righted”, ever again. Those citizens among us who grasp these realities are supporters, defenders and salesmen/activists/educators for their restoration. They are “individualists”. Those who do not grasp this are likely to believe that the majority can “legally” abuse the minority. These are the “democrats” among us. By “Democrats” do NOT mean political party members but rather those who promote the unbridled power of that nebulous “group” known as the majority. To hell with the rights of the minority should they have the gall to disagree with the “will of the majority!”

The examples of abuses by the majority are enormous and can be cited legitimately by individualists and collectivist acolytes. Many have already been “righted” in the U.S. and around the world but while some wrongs have been corrected many more have been made “legal” by the passage of thousands of abusive “laws”.

It seems all too common today to run into people who exist in some form of alternate universe! A universe void of the knowledge of history so vital to the preservation of human liberty. This is precisely why you will almost NEVER meet a “collectivist/democrat” type that was once an informed “individualist”. But you WILL find millions that are now “individualists” that were once uninformed “collectivists”.

Knowledge is the sole arbiter of one’s world-view. That knowledge never violates, but sharpens, one’s basic human moral compass and allows a well informed person to operate with a minimum of government laws and “oversight” because they see how important is is to behave morally and ethically.

Exploring the Rationalizations of the PC Wilderness

February 10, 2018

Does Biology Have Meaning Anymore?

By: Gary Hardee

Published: February 9, 2018

These are the days of equality. Or so we are told ad nauseam – high, low, left and right! Right? Times when women are no different than men and men are no different than women and we can be anything, at any time. That’s what feminism, genderism and multiculturalism claim they want: to be respected and liberated; to be free to be oneself regardless of “differences,” right? You need look no further than all of our government subsidized institutions of higher learning to find the “motherload” source, the brightest and best-paid “sociologists” and “think tank” revolutionaries serving it up to the youth of our nation and it is not hard to see the results. Of course we can look elsewhere and find “pushers,” but the supporting cast is almost anywhere you look.

In fact, today, you can claim to be whatever “sex” or “neutral sex” you wish to be based solely on your feelings today and change your gender tomorrow based on how you feel then.

Surely you are up on the new way of thinking. The new Political Correctness! The new “rights” being pushed throughout the world claim to “liberate” people from the rigidity of “old-world ways.” They are plastered as headline “news.” Respect is mandated in obligatory “gender study” courses in government subsidized schools. It’s the “new norm.” And you better comply!

After all, “peoplekind” can’t be allowed to remain constrained by old traditional values and norms. “Freedom” demands a much broader vision of the world and nature as a whole. We cannot control our biological predispositions for which we are not responsible but must claim our freedom to be what we feel we are, not what we appear to be.

Songs like, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” are too old fashioned and offensive now, especially to those biological homosapiens born with wombs. Can’t call them girls anymore! Not PC!

Besides, isn’t it great that now, if “Men Just Want to Have Fun” too, we can? Nope! That would also not be PC.

If God made Lesbians (gay females), Gay “males,” Bisexuals, Trans genders, Queers, Asexuals, Nonsexuals, Multisexuals, Metrosexuals, Nongendered and a host of “other” sexes, then didn’t He (oops, It) also make perverts, pedophiles, polygamists and predators? Why are they being prejudged? Aren’t they as entitled to the same respect to their feelings to be what they feel they “are?” These same acolytes just love “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” right? If it is their Holy Grail, then shouldn’t antidiscrimination laws also apply equally to Aliens, Minorities, Majorities, Immigrants, Natives, Illegals, Cultured, Uncultured, Intelligent, Unintelligent, Informed, Uninformed, the criminal and the violent religious zealots alike? Aren’t they all due their same feelings and fully equal respect?

If today I felt like God made me an uncultured, bisexual, polygamist black religious zealot pedophile nudist, then why am I not accepted as an equal in a liberated society when government is protecting everyone else’s “diversity” and “multiculturalism?”

Multiculturalism imposes divisions and segregates each into their own “special interest” group, so they can exclaim they are the victim of a “society, full of unaccepting bigoted, sexist racists!” A claim hurled at anyone who would just rather not associate or have anything to do with them. Forced acceptance is their demand and government is their sword. Collectivism is their chariot. And you better smile and be happy about it or else you will lose your promotion or your job, be expelled from school, be featured in your local media as a nonconformist heretic and probably be unwelcome at most church or civic organizations.

Can you say: The tyranny of the minority? If, by my choice today, I am now in the minority, then why can’t I too be a tyrant? Why should I be made to suffer recriminations for who I choose to feel like today?

Don’t you see God working through this uber liberating “movement”?

Which “Superbowl” Is Playing This Weekend – Could There Be Two?

February 2, 2018

By: Gary Hardee
Published: February 2, 2018, 2:37 pm

I cringe at the contemplation that rumors of potential violence at this Sunday’s annual NFL Superbowl might be real. But given that our own 9/11 history teaches us important lessons, it would be a bit naïve to think all is well and that we should worry about nothing. No free society will ever be without the responsibility to be watchful and protective against threats to their lives, liberties and properties.

Should anything significant happen in Minneapolis during the Superbowl, the timing of such an attack will shorten or stop the debate over immigration and what to do with illegals within our borders. Anyone on the side of amnesty or accommodating the recent influx of refugees should not want anything to happen because such an event would cement opinions and eventually end any sympathies that many “undecideds” have on the matter. An “event” will fuel an even greater demand to close our borders, stop all immigration for a time, remove all illegals, end DACA & any “DREAMER’S” hopes for years – and rightly so due to necessary defensive action. It may well fuel Republican victories in November as well!

Our citizens should be very careful believing any narrative that quickly emerges afterwards. Whether that narrative is just to get readers or to “float” the deep state’s position(s) the public should “buy”!

Do you remember the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor? Were those real Indians? Nope! Personally, I would find it difficult to believe that the “average immigrant” would be of a mindset to bomb or disrupt a major event like this, even if many may have no intention of fully integrating or assimilating into our uniquely American culture.

But if you still have suspicions that deep state actors were behind the 9/11 WTC attacks in 2001 to create a “crisis” fowl enough to pass the previously written “Patriot” Act, and fuel a 16+ year-long undeclared war to “profiteer” from it (among the “Military-Industrial Complex”(MIC) companies influenced by CFR board members or their agents) then don’t rule out the possibility that a similar “False Flag” might be planned that would: a) further fuel overseas wars; b) aid in support of increased “defense” spending; c) fuel new, enhanced domestic “security measures”; d) further militarize our local police; e) further “federalize” our local police; f) greatly raise the specter of civil unrest and eventual martial law; g) violate “posse comitatus” protections; h) justify the use of FEMA “camps” that are rumored to exist; i) unify our people to support currently controversial agencies such as the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA and even FISA court actions and methods. It may likely replace our current discourse about the Nunes “Memo” [#ReleaseTheMemo], rumored to be a “Pandora’s Box”, that may aid our population in routing deep corruption and bias in what are supposed to be our most trusted investigative agencies. And it would seem logical that “Draining the Swamp” efforts could be sidelined for a time in the aftermath of a major event.

Such an event would necessarily call upon the Trump Administration to bring peace and calm back to our streets, neighborhoods and cities, but not before the predictable and expected “corrective measures” would have been taken. Such actions would also be “set upon” by the President’s enemies as proof that he is really just another tyrant like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc. NOT a good setting! So, who wins? Who loses?

Always remember to ask! Who benefits most? Who did benefit the most? Who lost the most? What things were most lost? Answers to those questions will likely identify the culprits and limit misdirected finger pointing.

If you believe the Deep State is a covert clan of anti-american, pro-globalist, pro-government collectivists, then why would you also not believe an attack this weekend would not be something they would want to see or even orchestrate? If the current “Memo” ballyhoo has any credence, then wouldn’t the “Deep State” players have their own “Superbowl” to win? Could this be their great opportunity to score a winning touchdown and stop the much-needed investigations into their corrupt collectivist network?

Now a message from the “farm managers”. “Avoid fake-news and alternative media and trust the reliable sources that most people hear. Turn on your TV and listen to NPR and read the major news sources around the world because they can be trusted to repeat the same narrative emanating from AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, Pravda, PR Newswire and McClatchy. If you do have questions, turn to us for answers and please don’t think for yourself or do “independent” research – that’s what the media is here for after all. Now, enjoy the football game and we’ll give you all the news that’s fit to print. OK? “

Juegos políticos: la estratagema de Tom Pérez

December 6, 2017

¡El presidente del Comité Nacional Demócrata, Tom Pérez, está jugando el juego de la política engañosa y haciendo que los votantes de Alabama vean las cosas!

Yo predigo que si Doug Jones, el Demócrata, gana esa elección especial, no escuchará ni una pía más sobre otros demócratas con asientos seguros que “renuncian”, ¡incluso si Al Franken finalmente lo hace! Los demócratas no se centran en nada más que en seguir siendo un partido político viable. Están leyendo las hojas de té, ya que su base está empezando a ver la luz y aumenta el desgaste en los concursos de 2018. Por lo tanto, veo sus llamadas de indignación como no de sinceridad sino de estrategia. No se ocuparán de expulsar a “los suyos” en distritos y estados que sean “seguros”. ¿Por qué deberían ellos? ¡Tampoco oirás ni verás a los Demócratas continuar limpiando la clase de donantes de los moralmente desagradables personajes y globalistas de su propio partido!

Están jugando la “Carta justa” ahora solo para la carrera de Alabama para incitar a todos los cristianos y aquellos con “moral” a votar por Doug Jones o quedarse en casa y no votar. Esto da a un votante neutralizado la opción de reclamar un “terreno elevado” nebuloso al decir: “¡No me culpen, hice lo que me dijo y no votó por Moore!”

¡Esta es una de las tácticas más antiguas de la política! “Haz que las fuerzas de tu oponente no voten”. ¡Para neutralizarlos, para desmotivarlos por cualquier medio necesario! “Esta es una guerra masiva de propaganda y contra-trabajo y una distracción de primer orden.

¿No debería esperarse que todos los representantes elegidos, ya sea en la Cámara o en el Senado, voten de acuerdo con la Constitución? ¿No hacen un juramento para hacer exactamente eso y solo? Por supuesto, debe considerar otros factores en su decisión, pero es muy poco probable que un representante que vota claramente de conformidad con la Constitución sea un poco de alcohol, mujeriego, droga -pullido, Califato promocionando ateo que trafica en kiddy-porn!

Personalmente, no me importa si el representante es homosexual, femenino, negro, asiático o marrón. No me importa si son feos, gordos, flacos o altos, con las melenas o el cabello anaranjado. Realmente no me importa si prefiere relajarse en sus “horas libres” fumando un porro y escuchando música hillbilly.

La diferencia que hace la diferencia es cómo votan en la legislación. ¿Están haciendo su trabajo, como una extensión de sus Juramentos?

La restauración de esta república se basa únicamente en los votos emitidos en el Congreso que son consistentes con la Constitución – ¡punto! ¡Por favor, corríjame si estoy equivocado! ¿Dime cómo elegir a Doug Jones (un verdadero clon de Hillary Clinton) es una opción superior a los votos que probablemente emitirá Roy Moore?

Political Games: The Tom Perez Ploy

December 6, 2017

Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez, is playing the game of deceitful politics and pulling the wool over the eyes of Alabama voters!!!

I predict that if Doug Jones, the Democrat, wins that special election, you will not hear a peep more about other safe-seat Democrats “stepping down”, even if Al Franken eventually does!  Democrats are not focused on anything but remaining a viable political party.  They are reading the tea leaves as their base is beginning to see the light and attrition increases going into the 2018 contests.  So, I see their calls of outrage as not one of sincerity but one of strategy.  They will not concern themselves with ousting “their own” in districts and states that are “safe”.  Why should they?  Nor will you hear or see the Democrats continue to clean its own party’s donor class of morally unsavory characters and globalists!

They are playing the “Righteous Card” now solely for the Alabama race to goad all Christians and those with “morals” to either vote for Doug Jones or stay at home and not vote.  This gives a neutralized voter the option so claim some nebulous “high ground” by saying: “don’t blame me, I did as you said and didn’t vote for Moore!”

This is one of the oldest ploys in politics!!! “Get your opponent’s forces not to vote. To neutralize them, to demotivate them by whatever means necessary!” This is a massive con-job and propaganda war and a distraction of the highest order.

Shouldn’t every elected representative, in either the house or senate, be expected to vote according to the Constitution?   Do they not swear an Oath to do just that and that alone?Of course, you should consider other factors in your decision, but it is highly unlikely that a representative that clearly votes in accordance with the Constitution will be some alcoholic, womanizing, drug-peddling, Caliphate promoting atheist that traffics in kiddy-porn!

Personally, I don’t care one bit whether the representative is a homosexual, female, black, asian or brown. I don’t care if they are ugly, fat, skinny or tall, hair-lipped or has orange hair. I really don’t care if he prefers to relax in his “off-hours” by smoking a joint and listening to hillbilly music.

The difference that makes a difference is how they vote on legislation.  Are they doing their job, as an extension of their Oaths?

The restoration of this republic relies solely on the votes cast in Congress that are consistent with the Constitution – period!  Please correct me if I am wrong!  Tell me how electing a Doug Jones (a veritable Hillary Clinton clone) is a superior choice over the votes that will likely be cast by Roy Moore?

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