What’s Your Worldview?

By: Gary Hardee
Date: March 16, 2018

Humans instinctively lean toward and prefer to be free, not controlled by another, not forced to do anything against their will. They want peace, not: war, violence, destruction and death. Liberty resists the violence and the forcing of one’s will upon another! Liberty insists on you being responsible and accountable for your free-will choices. It is impossible to experience liberty without taking responsibility for your decisions.

Government is organized force. But what force is ethical and moral for it to possess and wield? Only that force that we, individually, have a natural right to exercise in defense of our mutually held inalienable rights and NO other!!!

For a government to exercise legitimate functions, those functions must be rooted in and originate from common natural rights held by ALL. There is NO SUCH THING as group rights or rights of a group! An assembled or associated group of people cannot “acquire” special moral force above what the individual possesses.

The Bill of Rights were technically not necessary to list as they are simply the rights commonly held by all humans. Many argued at the time that to list any rights would be to allow the suppression of those rights not listed in the first 10 Amendments. The Bill of Rights do not limit the free exercise or our common rights but specifically LIMIT the new federal government FROM abusing or meddling in our rights!!!

Human rights never change and have ALWAYS existed. Few governments have recognized them or codified them into their society’s system of government. But the United States did!

As was clearly pointed out in the Declaration of Independence, “…and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” In other words, peaceful mankind too often allow themselves to be abused for a time in hopes that those who abuse will die or stop abusing them without they themselves going to the effort of righting the wrong at the moment of its beginning.

Unfortunately, “these abuses” are made “lawful” by “the group” that has NOT the power to morally abuse!

“Laws” are NOT always moral or ethical. Quite the contrary! The more laws there are, the MORE likely the widespread abuse!

Naturally, when any government enforces a “rule” that does NOT officially exist – it has become a tyrannical, arbitrary, authoritarian government and all inalienable rights are open to abuse or perhaps unrecognised altogether.

Today, we live in a country that has been suffering under a system of abuse so broad and deep that we wonder if they can be “righted”, ever again. Those citizens among us who grasp these realities are supporters, defenders and salesmen/activists/educators for their restoration. They are “individualists”. Those who do not grasp this are likely to believe that the majority can “legally” abuse the minority. These are the “democrats” among us. By “Democrats” do NOT mean political party members but rather those who promote the unbridled power of that nebulous “group” known as the majority. To hell with the rights of the minority should they have the gall to disagree with the “will of the majority!”

The examples of abuses by the majority are enormous and can be cited legitimately by individualists and collectivist acolytes. Many have already been “righted” in the U.S. and around the world but while some wrongs have been corrected many more have been made “legal” by the passage of thousands of abusive “laws”.

It seems all too common today to run into people who exist in some form of alternate universe! A universe void of the knowledge of history so vital to the preservation of human liberty. This is precisely why you will almost NEVER meet a “collectivist/democrat” type that was once an informed “individualist”. But you WILL find millions that are now “individualists” that were once uninformed “collectivists”.

Knowledge is the sole arbiter of one’s world-view. That knowledge never violates, but sharpens, one’s basic human moral compass and allows a well informed person to operate with a minimum of government laws and “oversight” because they see how important is is to behave morally and ethically.


2 Responses to “What’s Your Worldview?”

  1. Linda League Says:

    Gary, excellent!

  2. Dallas Williams Says:

    This is a very good analysis and very true. I was once one of these collectivists you speak of as I fell victim to the government indoctrination that is publication and believing lies and bias by the mainstream media. I shamefully admit that I even voted for Obama in 2008, the stupid leftist college kid me. Fortunately via a friend in 2012 I discovered Ron Paul and libertarian conservatism. I was instantly drawn to Ron Pauls ideas on a non interventionist foreign policy, individual rights and states rights on social issues, a deregulated and minimally taxed economy, and an emphasis on restoring Constitutionality. Unfortunately Paul didnt get the nomination but he did inspire me along with countless others and I have been a part of the Ron Paul revolution and trying to wake up and educate others and encourage them to do the same and nominate and elect individualist minded candidates.

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