Political Games: The Tom Perez Ploy

Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez, is playing the game of deceitful politics and pulling the wool over the eyes of Alabama voters!!!

I predict that if Doug Jones, the Democrat, wins that special election, you will not hear a peep more about other safe-seat Democrats “stepping down”, even if Al Franken eventually does!  Democrats are not focused on anything but remaining a viable political party.  They are reading the tea leaves as their base is beginning to see the light and attrition increases going into the 2018 contests.  So, I see their calls of outrage as not one of sincerity but one of strategy.  They will not concern themselves with ousting “their own” in districts and states that are “safe”.  Why should they?  Nor will you hear or see the Democrats continue to clean its own party’s donor class of morally unsavory characters and globalists!

They are playing the “Righteous Card” now solely for the Alabama race to goad all Christians and those with “morals” to either vote for Doug Jones or stay at home and not vote.  This gives a neutralized voter the option so claim some nebulous “high ground” by saying: “don’t blame me, I did as you said and didn’t vote for Moore!”

This is one of the oldest ploys in politics!!! “Get your opponent’s forces not to vote. To neutralize them, to demotivate them by whatever means necessary!” This is a massive con-job and propaganda war and a distraction of the highest order.

Shouldn’t every elected representative, in either the house or senate, be expected to vote according to the Constitution?   Do they not swear an Oath to do just that and that alone?Of course, you should consider other factors in your decision, but it is highly unlikely that a representative that clearly votes in accordance with the Constitution will be some alcoholic, womanizing, drug-peddling, Caliphate promoting atheist that traffics in kiddy-porn!

Personally, I don’t care one bit whether the representative is a homosexual, female, black, asian or brown. I don’t care if they are ugly, fat, skinny or tall, hair-lipped or has orange hair. I really don’t care if he prefers to relax in his “off-hours” by smoking a joint and listening to hillbilly music.

The difference that makes a difference is how they vote on legislation.  Are they doing their job, as an extension of their Oaths?

The restoration of this republic relies solely on the votes cast in Congress that are consistent with the Constitution – period!  Please correct me if I am wrong!  Tell me how electing a Doug Jones (a veritable Hillary Clinton clone) is a superior choice over the votes that will likely be cast by Roy Moore?


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