2012 Factional Divisiveness Prevents US Restoration

June 29, 2012


If one thinks that the GOP leadership is the problem, the solution it seems, would be to replace them via the only means provided for within the law and their charter! It would require we solve the disconnect that seems to exist: ­ not enough numbers of educated and involved voters in the political process.

While we are all on the same side for smaller federal government, and generally smaller government everywhere, it is very clear that our numbers are both still too small and scattered. Our greatest virtue is our individualism but that also is at the root of our disunity and splintering. Think about the die­hard Libertarians, Christians who’d rather go with the Constitution Party, Independents who often refuse participation altogether, honest progressive types who support Ron Paul but again refuse to “become Republicans” and participate.

It looks to be too late in the game to nominate Dr. Paul in August, we should not abandon him or his advice to affect change within the GOP, not now, not ever!

With the greatest respect to all my brothers and sisters in this movement, each committed to their “jersey”, I offer the conclusion that our own divisions, sourced in petty differences and pride, is at the core of why we haven’t been more effective at winning the necessary primaries or dominating the GOP delegate process and completely taking over the GOP this election cycle. I blame the Libertarians the most, then many Democrats who agree with us on civil liberties and are against war and those “wars” not declared at all. Then you have those darn “independents” who hopelessly remain disengaged from any party. While many Libertarians did switch their registrations to Republican, not enough did! The same thing applies regarding the Dems. Same with the Constitution Party, etc, etc. If you will step back and do some real numbers, those who could have easily followed Dr. Paul’s recommendations early on but didn’t are just as much at fault for our present division. And here we sit arguing among ourselves over “where do we go from here”? Yes, it is frustrating.

The greatest inherent challenge that men of principle have is their ability to rally around a set of core principles, on which we can all agree, and leave the petty issues off the table for the sake of the greater common good. Realizing that war contains little good, opens the debt window wide, kills the youth of our nation, destroys buildings, property and lives of countless innocents and makes enemies out of many of our previous supporters, one would “rationally” expect a mass coalescing,  fleeing our respective affiliations, flooding the GOP with anti­war and anti­-undeclared war folks that the party leaders and platforms would have been completely replaced by virtue of sheer numbers. But that did not happen for reasons I have touched on but will not explain here.

Apart from the shallow minded troublemakers and deliberate shills for collectivism, who insist on petty divisiveness, we have much to be thankful for! Our numbers are growing in all areas and the general population is far more responsive to our message than we might think. There are expanding numbers of blacks that are vocally on our side and breaking from the “Uncle Tom” labels hurled at them. Great strides have been make in taking the GOP back to its traditional views and constitutional stances.

The assessment of our present position regarding the movement as a whole is not altogether a bad one. Progress is being made beyond the choir here. The quite literally hundreds of thousands of liberty minded people around the world active on the internet is having a positive impact. Though our numbers are still too few, our victories under the radar, our forces still too divided and lacking funding… we are gaining on the “rascals”!

That should encourage all of us to continue educating and for all informed voters to participate in the political process. Question: Would I like to see all the aforementioned persons totally abandon their “jersey” for 10 years and flood the GOP with our “troops”?

Yes! But that won’t happen due largely to pride.


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