Real Choice, Real Serious, Real Scary!

by: Gary Hardee

In his June 27, 2012 blog entry entitled “Deep Concerns about the Media Should Romney Win”, Rodney Page, author of the to be released book, “Powers Not Delegated”, he lays out his concerns regarding the tricks and tactics of the dominant liberal media.

See his blog here:

His points are well taken and I don’t take issue with the bulk of his points. It’s a worthy read for those who truly value their vote this November!

Perhaps Mr. Page will approve of my comments or maybe he won’t. But since we now have the power of the internet, our voices cannot be silenced if we take time to bypass MSM outlets and take our statements directly to the people.  So, here is my response for your consideration.

The deception that Romney is significantly “better” or “diametrically opposed” to Obama is a scam and a lie. Both are government operatives and “managers”. Both have clear records that prove it. Obama is perhaps a more strident and blatant radical, even the label of Marxist I can accept. But Romney will serve the same globalist interests that Obama does. The wars, undeclared, will continue wherever the eastern liberal establishment (the Insiders) want them to occur.

If you vote for Romney and he wins, don’t expect much better due to the backers that are promoting his candidacy. I’m not talking about the local voter who can’t stand Obama and want him out. Otherwise known as the ABO crowd. I’m talking about the same ones who gave us H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and even Jimmy Carter as well.

No discussion of the cure is helpful unless one first recognizes the real “kingmakers” that are giving us false choices to begin with.

Only a candidate that wants a return to individual freedom and a limited government based on the restrictions imposed by the US Constitution will bring us out of the socialist quagmire we find ourselves in today. Romney will not do it! His false “conservatism” coupled with his highly liberal record in Massachusetts should be proof enough for any brain ruled by common sense.

I do not question the good intentions of the vast majority of Romney supporters but I do have grave concerns over their apparently flawed hope the he will truly side with the Constitution.

There is only one man that has proven his worthiness of the Presidency but he is not the Insider’s choice! Thus we see the media “blackout” and steady promotion of almost any other. Just as in 2008, we again are not allowed to hear equally from Ron Paul. The Insiders have successfully scared the Republican base into avoiding him in favor of another neo-con “repeat” and possible defeat rather than recognize that his honesty and character would surely win over the dishonest collectivism of Obama.

So! Why is the media silencing him by  ignoring and lampooning him? Why isn’t he being interviewed honestly and with respect, on the national news shows? His predictions, well in advance of housing crisis alone, should propel him to “expert” status, and it has if you ask many media types, off the record.

If you want a President who is consistently on the side of the people and their labors, who understands well the dynamics of markets and the downfalls of debt and continual wars, who can move us toward sound money and reduced inflation and reduce our destructive entangling alliances the founders warned so often about, etc., your only choice is to vote for Ron Paul in November no matter what!

The collectivism of Obama will not be stopped by Romney. We must elect more Congressmen to DC that are much like Ron Paul so that no matter who we are forced to accept for President, funding can be denied for all unconstitutional activities of the federal government.

The people must rise with a backbone and throw out those who have proven records of creating more and more laws and job destroying regulations that are clearly not authorized activities of the fed.

“We get the government we deserve”, is generally true. But will we deserve better this time around? Will we be wiser? Or will we make another stupid mistake?


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6 Responses to “Real Choice, Real Serious, Real Scary!”

  1. Wade Price Says:

    I do not particularly buy-in to the conspiracy theory that there are two sets of puppeteers battling for power that are different sides of the same coin. However, I do believe that there are Statists in both parties that believe in the power of the Federal Government but, they seek to wield that power differently. The Democrat Party is totally sold to Statism, and the RINO’s are too. Overall, I feel that the “Establishment” has lost touch with what the majority of the American people want. And what is that?

    1) A government that puts the Constitution first.
    2) A government that doesn’t tax and spend us into oblivion.
    3) A government that encourages personal responsibility, not the nanny state
    4) A government that supports and respects individual sovereignty, that rewards those who work hard and do good and punishes those who break the laws
    5) A Federal government who encourages and protects the sovereignty of the States and encourages the States to be the crucibles of new ideas to tackle our problems.

    Am I excited about a Mitt Romney candidacy? NO! Why? Because I believe that Mr. Romney is a typical Federal Government politician that will say or do anything that will get himself elected. But, I do believe that his weakness (of being too political) can be used against him as long as we (as in We the People) keep our voice loud and shout down the Statists arguments. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison understood that when “We the people” come together, WE are the ones with the power. So, I won’t waste a “protest vote” on a third party candidate. I do believe that the current POTUS is dangerous and that he will be very dangerous to our freedoms if he gets a second term. For that reason, he MUST be defeated and we need to come together to defeat him.

    • nalejbank Says:

      While I love your optimism and would love to believe as you have stated, I am afraid the “measurement” of the desires and wants of the people are not in line with what you stated, otherwise we would now have those five things in place and be much better off.
      What you listed are what we need but there are serious levels of ignorance and corruption that are keeping them from coming true.
      For instance, every Ron Paul supporter wants each of the 5 things you mentioned. If a majority of people in this country wanted them too, Ron Paul would have clearly become the GOP nominee already and have won every state’s primary and caucus.
      So, I only disagree that the majority of the people really want them at this time, but things are looking up.

  2. Teri Whittlinger Says:

    Everything in your post I agree with with 100%, I’m afraid the American people will not wake up until after the money has dropped in value to the point that it take $1000 to buy a loaf of bread. Too many people like their free stuff and the rest put there faith in the establishment to save them. I am hoping that someday we can be free again.

    For Liberty and Freedom

    • nalejbank Says:

      Just a note that our founders pointed out in the Declaration of Independence that mankind is more disposed to suffer than to right the wrongs with which they are being subjected.
      While I would hope they would wake up and resist with knowledge, our own history excepted, history has shown that most society’s peoples will undergo massive suffering, death and oppression before they will rise up and throw off the yoke of tyranny and it can be quick or slow in its return to sanity and common sense.

  3. William Sparkman Says:

    I’m voting for Gary Johnson for president. I left the duopoly over two decades ago. I have mad respect for Dr. Paul and his message. But, the same old corrupt powers that be that caused me to flee the Republicans in the first place are more entrenched than ever.Virtually all the republicans in congress would get a failing grade. You can toss a few fresh apples into a barrel of rotten ones and they won’t refresh the rest,They’ll just rot quicker. In my home state of Texas either Ron gets nomination from the GOP or Has to be a certified right in candidate or not one single vote for him will count. The same is true in over 20 states. I wish to God, the Republicans weren’t the same Pile of Bovine Excreta as the Dems. I hope Ron gets the nod at at the national convention. It unfortunately makes no difference to pathetic state of the Senate and Congressional candidates put up by the party. I can’t vote for the lesser of two evil parties. I have a spine and a set of principles. I Have To Vote for Principle. I believe, as does Dr. Paul in Libertarian Principles. But I cannot bring myself to vote for the disgrace to the Constitution that the Republican has long since become. (My apologies to the 7 or 8 Republicans in Congress and the Senate who can prove with their voting record that they didn’t lie when they took their oath.) I will not vote for the same two parties who got us here. I’ll vote different. I’ll vote Principle instead of Compromise. I’ll Vote Libertarian.

    • nalejbank Says:

      A peaceful revolution built on education and civic involvement take time to manifest. Use the internet and other direct means to enlighten the discretion of your friends and neighbors, whom are hopefully willing to vote as well.
      That’s the peaceful approach. Let’s exhaust that one first, even as we keep our powder dry.

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