Democratic Governors Association Emails

The purpose of this blog post is to give more transparency to the political process. What you read below are emails that came from the DGA to email subscribers. Not a word has been omitted or changed, they are “as is”. You be the judge and feel free to use the information in the war for truth.


From: Kate Hansen (
Sent: Fri 3/23/12 1:01 PM
[name of subscriber]

We’ve just found out: The Republican Governors Association is going on the air in Wisconsin today with an ad that lies about the records of two strong Wisconsin Democrats.

This is their first commercial. It is just the beginning. They’re going to spend millions on these kinds of manipulative attacks as part of their desperate attempt to keep Scott Walker in office. His far-right policies are wrong for Wisconsin.

We have to get him out of office. It starts now. Today. We have to be able to answer with our own ads, immediately. We have to be able to get our message out.

Will you contribute RIGHT NOW to the Democratic Governors Association so we can respond to these egregious attacks?

We’ve got them on the ropes. Scott Walker’s desperate. We can’t let them change the record.

Help us protect this state. We can’t do it without you.

Thank you for your support,

Kate Hansen
Communications Director
Democratic Governors Association


[name of subscriber],  (December 11, 2011)

Scott Walker’s desperate attempts to suppress Democratic votes in Wisconsin are getting worse than ever.

He ended same-day voter registration. He said students could only vote with a college ID that meets certain criteria – criteria that almost no schools meet. Now they’re saying technical college IDs don’t count.

And in the six months since he’s passed his voter suppression laws, they still haven’t updated the online forms that say to get a voter ID you need a birth certificate, which you can’t get without a photo ID.

Confused? That’s exactly what Scott Walker and his Tea Party friends want.

We’re fighting back – but we need your help. We’ve already raised $28,672 toward our $75,000 year-end goal for our Voter Protection Project, but we need your contribution immediately to make the goal. We’ve got to fight the Tea Party’s voter suppression laws and make sure every American has a voice.

Fight Scott Walker’s voter suppression. Click here to contribute $3 or more to the DGA’s Voter Protection Project now.

The Republicans know we’re going to do everything we can to fight for the rights of voters across the country and to make sure Democrats can win. Through our Voter Protection Project, we’re holding Republican governors accountable and making sure voters know their rights.

Beating our year-end FEC goal is the most important thing we can do between now and December 31 if we’re going to beat extreme GOP governors and Tea Party candidates across the country in 2012. We need your help immediately to make that happen.

Make sure we beat our $75,000 goal. Click here to contribute to the DGA Voter Protection Project.


Elisabeth Pearson                                                                                                                                 Director of Campaigns                                                                                                               Democratic Governors Association


[name of subscriber],  (November 15, 2011)

I wanted to follow up on Mark’s email because as we speak, Republican governors are lobbying the super committee for Medicaid cuts while rejecting tax increases on billionaires.

Their twisted logic and backwards priorities are what got us in this mess and they have to be stopped.

The super committee has only six days until its deadline. They need to hear from all of us right now if we’re going to prevent deep cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

Nearly 20,000 supporters like you have added their names, but we can’t stop putting on the pressure now. There are only six days to go and millions of Americans are counting on us.

Thank you,

Colm O’Comartun
Executive Director
Democratic Governors Association

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mark Giangreco
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Subject: cuts
To: Colm O’Comartun


Cut $500 billion from Medicare. Cut $185 billion from Medicaid. Cut $100 billion from other health programs. And – even though it makes no sense – give the super-rich $670 billion in tax cuts.

That’s how congressional Republicans want the “super committee” to reach the $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts required by the debt ceiling deal last summer. The only shared sacrifice they seem to believe in is sacrifice by seniors and the poor.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

The super committee’s deadline is only eight days away. They need to know that Americans will not accept deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. We’re telling the super committee NO on deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare – and we need you to stand with us.

Click here to tell the super committee to reject deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. The deadline is eight days away and YOUR voice must be heard!

I’m against it, you’re against it, and the latest polls show that more than 80% of Americans are against it. But these Tea Party Republicans aren’t going to listen unless they start hearing from us loud and clear.

GOP governors even wrote to the super committee, urging them to cut Medicaid for our most vulnerable citizens. It’s outrageous.

If states have to take on more of the burden for Medicaid, that means deeper cuts in education and other services people rely on.

And let me repeat – they want to make the cuts while giving another handout to billionaires.

That’s why we need you to send a message to the Republicans on the super committee immediately.

Don’t let them get away with it. Click here to tell the super committee to reject deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. Hurry – the deadline is just eight days away!

Thank you,

Mark Giangreco
Democratic Governors Association


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