My Letter To The Missouri GOP on St. Charles County

Missouri Republican Party
105 E. High St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101

To the Officers of the Missouri GOP:

As a 35 year active Republican I am today ashamed of the way my party is being run from behind the scenes in your state – St. Charles County in particular. I hope you are too!

The recent events in St. Charles County, and other places too numerous to mention but which are all over the internet, are bringing disgrace to our party on a national scale. I cannot imagine this is what you want. It is NOT what I want!

Any traditional Republican (one that believes in what the Party Platform says, our long-held positions of less government and more individual freedom and our support of the US Constitution) can see that we are not practicing what we preach. This will come back to bite us in more ways than you can count.

Actions have consequences. Failure to fix a clear problem makes you complicit in the continuation of the problem.

Mind you, this problem will not go away until you act to fix it and institute fair and disciplined reforms that conform to the requirement that all meetings be run democratically; be they caucus conventions or regular county conventions and above.

Yes, we have rules. But those rules are established through long, arduous and structured processes that must be adhered to at all levels or we will lose all respect of our members and those who would like to be a part of an honorable process. We already suffer from outside forces that have chipped away at our numbers and reduced the number of enthusiastic members we have. By the many self-inflicted wounds we seem to be bringing on ourselves, we do ourselves no favors in the eyes of those we hope to encourage to be a part of the process.

Change is inevitable. It must occur. Or it will be forced upon us in ways that may spell the demise of our party.

Need I remind you all that every political party is required to be run on democratic principles wherein all decisions are made at the will of the majority of the legitimately credentialed to cast votes. To spit in the faces of those who come in, regardless of the numbers, or even perhaps the temporary nature of some new people who do wish to support the party, will only blacken the party in the eyes of the public.

The failure of our meetings to be run by Roberts Rules of order in a proper and open structure that allows for debate and even dissention will rot public confidence in candidates wearing our label due to the draconian manner in which our most sacred events are conducted.

Unfair practices are not unknown to those inside of the party operations and such practices have existed and have continued for decades with no correction. We are living on borrowed time and fueling the rise of third parties by our failure to clean up our act.

Failure to clean up our act and rid ourselves of those who play power politics will only postpone the salvation of our republic and a return to this nation’s core principles, purchased with the large sacrifices of those we claim to respect and acclaim!!!

I am among those who have seen these power games played out in several states so you are not alone in your guilt but you can become a state that is known to have cleaned house and restored respect among other state party operations but only if you act today! I truly hope you will!

The events in St. Charles could have been handled much differently but it was clearly not the intention of the leadership that it be handled any differently. The leadership could have simply asked for quiet to address the crowd, acknowledged the desire of the majority to allow video taped documentation and explain when, how and why the rule barring taping was established, then offer an olive branch by saying if they abide by the rule temporarily and allow the opening of the convention normally that the chair will move a change in the order of business to allow for a motion on the ban to be removed and if adopted the cameras will be allowed and if defeated it would need to be adhered to. This would have restored the lost respect of the chair and county officers as being fair and run democratically. An accredited parliamentarian should always be used to insure that Roberts Rules are adhered to. Special instructions of impartiality, fairness and deliberative time should be their instructions to keep feathers from being unnecessarily rubbed the wrong way. When we don’t, we loose what good will and support we could engender.

What I am telling each of you is common sense. This letter should never have been necessary to even write, but apparently it is required!

It is unarguable that our country is in great trouble. Since the internet revolution began some 7 to 10 years ago and has rapidly advanced with social networking, email communications, cell phone multi-media development worldwide and a host of online video posting sites, we have seen a breaking of the stronghold of the old “Big Three” network from the 70’s and an unraveling of their dominance over what goes into the minds and hearts of our people. Today, we often hear references to the Lamestream Media and even “conservative” networks are being found to be but a batch of entertainers for the brain-dead among us. This is a good thing by all accounts and by all measures. Yes, it causes the status quo to be challenged but doesn’t it need to be?

Have we not seen that simplistic appeals to “change” are often enough to win elections? But the promised change seldom results! Are you not blind and see that the people are figuring it out? Are we to sit, stubbornly in that “ivory tower”, defiantly resisting the obvious restlessness of the “natives”?

Do we naively think that this rising tide of informed citizens will abate, thus insuring our tenuous hold on our offices without change? Will the leadership of our party side with this increasing voter block and continue playing footsie with the old establishment? Or will we recognize that in just another 4 short years there will be millions more informed that will seek a political home and a slate of candidates they can support?

Are we blind or just resistant to ridding ourselves of the corruption within our government? What about our own party? A homeowner may try to fight the rising tide but he will lose in the end! I do not want us to lose in the end! We can lead our party and our nation again by routing our own corruption today!

Keep in mind that it is not a change for more government that is this rising tide but less! Isn’t that what we believe? Will we put teeth behind the words that we have espoused for many decades? Are we not thought of as a paper tiger? The citizens are figuring this out and are coming in to fix the problem!

We do not even discipline our own elected Republicans that violate their oaths of office! We do not seek to enforce our Platform to any noticeable degree whatsoever! We have become their servants rather than they, ours. The world is upside down and the tide seeks to correct it. Will you fight it or embrace it?

The ball is now in your court and I ask you to do the right thing by the members of our party.

Each of you receiving this letter should also know that I will be posting this letter as a blog and spread it everywhere humanly possible. This is a wake up call!

I will be encouraging others to write their own to you all and I’m granting permission to use any of my text in their letters as well. I hope they will be as kind and generous toward you as I, but think many won’t be, for justifiable reasons. Just as there are always many irate voters who do not write their representatives; do not think that only a few letters means there is a small problem. I trust you will deal with it immediately for the stake of the party!

Respectfully submitted,

Gary F. Hardee
Lifetime GOP member

P.S. List of persons receiving this letter:
Missouri Republican Party
Lance Beshore – National Committeeman
Ann Dickinson – National Committeewoman
State Committee Officers
David Cole – Chairman
Susie Eckelkamp – Vice Chairman
Pat Thomas – Secretary
Richard C. Peerson – Treasurer
Lloyd Smith – Executive Director
Emily Kliethermes, CPA – Comptroller
Jonathon Prouty – Communications Director
Sheldon Slade – Information Technology
Alyssa Bruemmer – Executive Assistant
Justin Alferman – Research
Missouri Republican Party
105 E. High St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-636-3146
Fax: 573-636-3273

State Committee Officers
Richard C. Peerson – Treasurer
P.O. Box1627
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Lance Beshore
National Committeeman
P.O. Box757
Carthage, MO 64801

Ann Dickinson
National Committeewoman
P.O. Box 26158
Kansas City, MO 64196

Lloyd Smith
Executive Director

Emily Kliethermes, CPA

Jonathon Prouty
Communications Director

Sheldon Slade
Information Technology

Alyssa Bruemmer
Executive Assistant

Justin Alferman


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