Mike Huckabee Has No Clothes!

Written by: Gary Hardee
Link to video: here.

First, let me thank Mike Huckabee for helping to save America by attacking the most honorable man on Capitol Hill! Strange you say? His 35 second response to Jay Leno’s question has done more to gain and fire up Ron Paul supporters than any other comments I have heard lately.

Mike, sounding a little caught off guard, quickly levels the standard litany of derogatory “put-downs” emanating from the collectivist wing of the GOP. Make no mistake about it; there are plenty of collectivists in the Republican Party! Too many, in fact, for the Party to be fully on the side of individual liberty and personal responsibility!

Here’s how it actually went down:

     Jay: “Now tell me about Ron Paul. He’s one of your fellow Republicans.” 
     Mike: “Yea, Ron Paul, I, ya.., he’s actually a libertarian. Ron Paul is not
       really a Republican – ah, he’s a pure libertarian. But if he runs as a
       libertarian nobody hears him but if he runs as a Republican he gets some
       space on the stage and everybody gets to hear that he wants to legalize all
       drugs, uh, that he believes in, ya know, prostitution being legalized and he
       wants to  uh, essentially strip the military of anything (stop), I uh. Ya, Ron
       Paul is an interesting character, I admire him ’cause he’s got the guts to go
       out there and say what he thinks but the best way to describe the Ron Paul
       audience is combination gun show and Grateful Dead concert. That’s the
        Ron Paul audience.”

Now, I know Ron Paul a bit more personally than most people because I was on his 2008 campaign staff, met with him at seven different venues, introduced him twice to local audiences, had lunch with him and heard his conversations in such settings and worked months with those who know him even better.

Referring to Ron as an “interesting character” is meant to be very derogatory and his “separatist” comment about republicans and libertarians means that libertarian ideas and positions have no place in republican thought; in other words – the two have nothing in common. What?! He just slammed every great republican icon of the past and Ronald Reagan especially! Oh, that’s right – the neo-cons have taken over the GOP. I almost forgot! “War now – war forever!” Is this the new acceptable republican position? Who gave him the power to change history and just who IS the real republican?

For Mike to make such disgraceful comments, obviously choosing to focus on the few issues that will likely do Paul the most damage, due to the robust ignorance of Congressman Paul’s fully rational positions, he has unmasked his willingness to serve the political power structure that is crushing our present and controlling our future.

Was he perhaps trying to be cute and “hip” by attacking Paul’s positions? You can easily see that he ran out of talking points and was about to offend the many fine military personnel who support Dr. Paul. Notice how he shifted instead from Ron himself (the question) to his summation of Ron’s “audience” or general constituency. The “guilt by association”/”transfer” technique was promoted for use by U.S. Communists in 1943: “When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups… and use the prestige of anti-Fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. In the public mind, constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.”

I am not calling Mr. Huckabee a communist. Many people use this technique, even without knowing it, for non-politically motivated purposes.

This single attacking outburst will do more to get former Huckabee supporters for Paul than Mike’s simple decision not to enter the race. While Paul supporters are justly upset, perhaps we should be thanking Mike instead.

The video link and exact transcript above will, if spread far and wide until the primary election, increase support for Ron Paul from all gun owners, 2nd Amendment advocates, gun show attendees, rock-n-roll aficionados, concert goers, musicians, civil liberties supporters and clear thinking Christians who ask themselves how Jesus would have answered Jay’s question.

Who is the Republican? Ron Paul fits the mold of earlier republicanism more so than does Mike Huckabee. Ron’s faith in the basic goodness of Americans (more like Reagan) and is clearly much more than Mike’s or Mike would not be continually supporting so many collectivist programs as he does. Eisenhower condemned and warned of the military-industrial complex. Mike says nothing. Undeclared wars continue. Karl Marx supports an income tax. Mike says nothing. EvenLincolnrefused to embrace debt from foreign sources for the Civil War but Mike says little about a full audit of the private Federal Reserve fiat banking system. Mike Huckabee either doesn’t understand these issues or he believes in his own vision of an ideal collectivist managed society where everyone is forced to be, ”good” by law. Does that sound Republican?

Since when has Ronald Reagan been kicked under the bus by “true” Republicans? It was he that held that at the heart of conservatism is libertarianism. One must understand that Huckabee is really a neo-conservative. Neo-conservatism is a collectivist outgrowth based on forced democratic global capitalism at best, rather than true free-market exchanges.

Like the Democratic Party of Thomas Jefferson, the Republican Party today looks and sounds very little the party of Lincoln. Both parties’ accepted icons are neither conservative nor libertarian. They are “people control do-gooder collectivists” with slight differences in rhetoric for purposes of plausible deniability. Only a deeper study of these roots will unmask the trickery being wielded against the uninformed. Truly, Ron Paul is more republican at his core because of his consistent support of the Constitution; an “inconvenient” fact that Mike Huckabee failed to mention in his sound-bite.

Have we arrived at the day when to be considered a Republican one must accept, even defend, the obvious violations of the Constitution? Ron Paul has proclaimed many times that the Republican Party has “lost its way”. If it is brought back to its core philosophy it will be because of the Ron Paul types, not collectivist style con-men. Collectivism is incompatible with a free people.

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