Have You Had A Freedom Epiphany?

Most people can point to a key event in their life that altered the way they view the world around them or what I like to say, an event that “informs their discretion” in a big way. Mine was 1976. That was my pivotal year, my personal epiphany.

My eyes were opened to the dismal condition of individual liberty and freedom and the need for its restoration.  I discovered who and what forces were, and still are, behind its steady erosion and why they are resistant to its revival.  Even at 22, I counted it a great gift that has led me through the shadowy world of power politics. As our condition has worsened since then, many already harken to return to those days. I wish for my fellow citizens the same awakening and thus a snapping out of the drugged out state of massive ignorance that plagues the world, not just our nation.

However disturbing, enlightenment is much preferred over darkness even if you’d rather not see all the crap you were tripping over and running into along the way.  You suddenly see the disguised traps laid to ensnare the unaware.  Regardless of this harsh reality, there is little chance of cleaning up what you can’t or refuse to see.  One must desire earnestly to know the truth of a situation or no change can be hoped for!

Since then I have dedicated my life to acquiring truth and to its widest distribution to those who are ready to embrace it and hopefully become another champion of it for the next generation. Freedom’s legacy demands it!

What you see and read on my blog will be thoughtful and important reflections on subjects that I think relevant in making a better world in which freedom and individual rights are respected, with peace and stability as the natural by-product.

I hope you enjoy everything you read.  Your feedback is welcome.


10 Responses to “Have You Had A Freedom Epiphany?”

  1. techFlout Says:

    well explained author.

  2. Tanya Rohloff Says:

    For me I began by questioning the things that were effecting my family and it then lead to more questions. I realized that most of what we are being told are lies but that the truth could be found. It’s almost unbelievable how much freedom has been taken away from the people. I’m still learning more and more and try to spread to the message to those who are willing to listen. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • nalejbank Says:

      Thank you Tanya; I think their glass house of lies is starting to crack a little. Keep on educating both yourself and others, especially those 17 and above.

  3. Douglas A. Logan Says:

    Mine was in 1968 when my brother-in-law introduced me and my two other brother-in-laws to the John Birch Society. The Society has taught me so much. Me and wife belong and are 81 years young and 75 years young. We have a chapter of JBS that meets twice each month in my home in Bossier City, Louisiana. Douglas Logan

  4. Ben Carlsen Says:

    I can’t pinpoint an epiphany or a single event or time that caused me to rethink issues of government and freedom. In my case it’s been a gradual evolution of thought, analysis and attitude.

  5. Virginia Ivy McClure Says:

    mine was when a friend told me about Ron Paul

  6. Brian Frank Says:

    mine was when my friend in 2007, told me to Google Ron Paul!

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